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Today's date: April 1, 2012

















Hurricane relief efforts throughout the county continue. Contact Ms. Klein for more info.

COMMUNITY NEWS - The Groves is slated to move to an entirely new site within two years.

The Clay Augustine Memorial Scholarship applications are now available for graduating Seniors!

In Memory of Russell's Oak

Join the Chess Club! Contact Mr. Gorske if you have questions.

No bad weather days are left for current school year.

School wide student elections will be held the first week of May!


GUEST SPEAKER!: Mr. Brian Patrick Clarke

OG-TV looking for applications for next year!

Graduation will be held June 11th on the Football field. Proper dress expected.

Campus Bookstore open before school 5 days a week!


'Capturing the Essence of You'
The official photographer of Orange Groves High School


Oscar the Orange!
"He's got guts and pulp!"

















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