Pastel Orange

Book II

This novel will take place during 1984-1986

(26 or so years before the events in 'Orange Groves')

= Drafts of chapters that are 100% finished

Pastel Orange
Chapter 1
The Fat Lady Singeth
Chapter 2
Neutron Dance
Chapter 3
When Doves Cry
Chapter 4
Can't Fight this Feeling
Chapter 5
Let's Hear It for the Boy
Chapter 6
Careless Whisper
Chapter 7
I Want a New Drug
Chapter 8
Voices Carry
Chapter 9
The Boys of Summer
Chapter 10
Out of Touch
Chapter 11
Smuggler's Blues
Chapter 12
i Want to Know what Love is
Chapter 13
Money for Nothing
Chapter 14
Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
Chapter 15
Everyone Wants to Rule the World
Chapter 16
Every Breath You Take
Chapter 17
Would I lie to you?
Chapter 18
Buddy, Don't Lose My Number
Chapter 19
Some like it Hot
Chapter 20
Six Channels and a set of Rabbit Ears
Chapter 21
A View to a Kill
Chapter 22
Too Late for Goodbyes
Chapter 23
Don't you Forget about Me
Chapter 24
Dead Man's Party
Chapter 25
Undercover of the Night
Chapter 26
Girls Just want to have Fun
Chapter 27
We don't need Another Hero
Chapter 28
We Built this City
Chapter 29
Family Ties
Chapter 30
The Heat is On
Chapter 31
Invisible Touch
Chapter 32
Raspberry Beret
Chapter 33
Who's Zoomin' Who?
Chapter 34
Broken Wings
Chapter 35
Back to the Future